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For the past 3 months, strange disappearances have been occuring in the small town of Dorchester.
To solve this mystery, the mayor of Dochester, Charlie Brown sent a missive to Scotland Yard. One of their most brillant investigators, Mathew Jones, was put on the case...

Inspired by Lovecraftian universes, The Dorchester Case send you on an occult journey that'll put you on the verge of sanity to save your missing apprentice.

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Arthur SPELLANI : https://spleenexe.itch.io/

Marianne CETKOVIC : https://mcetkovic.itch.io/

Quentin KERHELLO : https://squirell.itch.io/

Yanis HABIB : 


Fanny DUFOUR : https://opalyine.itch.io/

Alex LEPINE : 

Paul PARET : https://ward-101.itch.io/

Install instructions

Be aware that the game is still a little bit buggy and that we are working on it to provide the best experience possible, thank you for your understanding and have fun ;)


TheDorchesterCase_V1.1(Unstable).zip 77 MB


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very good game ! can't wait for update

I download the game but can't click on anything in the main menu?

Hey Angelia, are you using a controller ? 

nope I'm playing it on the computer? Why does it on take controller



Sadly, there's no support for mouse & keyboard. 

I think maybe our inspector needs to call for reinforcements. :) Really liked the visuals and that once you get the... <spoiler> power things get more strategic.

Made a video

I loved the opening cinematic it looked amazing. The dialogue can be confusing but definitely glad you guys tried to add some voice acting in that was kind of neat gave an idea of the voices you imagined for the characters mechanics play pretty well also wish there wasn't a huge delay on shooting after aiming but that's aiight. The bad: dialogues can be a bit confusing even for the characters, cutscenes will repeat if you go in an area you've already been it's like the game doesn't know they've been triggered before, I got cucked by the ending boss but still a promising start good luck with the glitches my play through here: